Monday, December 5, 2011

Instalment 1 - Instinct

Instalment 1
The cooler hills, relieved by the cover of trees and their altitude, lay just beyond the scorching heat of the quickly browning savannah grasslands. In a land that was once a colony, now having gained its Independence, there were some similarities to the western culture that remained which could be seen in the decaying furnishings and markings associated with the winding, pot-holed tar macadam road that lead up into the hills. Other than that, in this part of the vast country, you could almost mistake it for an undiscovered land.

Making an ascent through the hills provided, a view to the lush valley beyond wherein lies a man-made dam housing the country’s only hydro-electric power station fuelled by the force of the river from the thundering waterfalls beyond. There is stark contrast in perception of civilisation between the savannah hills and what lay in the valley. It seemed, as if forgotten, the savannah hills had been left for nature to reclaim.

As African legend tends to tell, animals seem to form the basis. Now as could be seen, before the hills, the animals of the grasslands frolicked but never once, despite the crippling heat, had they ever ventured up into the hills.


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